Visualize success with balance plate and pressure data

Visualize success with balance plate and pressure data

golf balance plate, also known as a pressure plate, can offer critical data towards improving your swing that you cannot find elsewhere. As golfing technology continuously evolves, precision and technique are paramount. Every golfer who strives to improve their game can optimize their interaction with the ground, which will ultimately result in hitting the ball with greater accuracy and distance.


When you stand on a balance plate, it captures the following unique data points: 
– Accurate heat mapping, representing the foot pressure distribution data
– Real-time Center of Pressure (CoP)
– Stance Width
– Calculated Vertical force

Working on a balance plate gives you real-time visual data that you can use to optimize your swing and create more speed and accuracy.

What is a balance plate?

A balance plate is a plate you stand on while hitting golf shots that contains pressure sensors. These sensors gather data that cannot be seen with the naked eye or even captured by high-speed cameras. When connected with Swing Catalyst video analysis software, you can immediately analyze real-time data and quickly identify key factors or inefficiencies in your swing  that need to be worked on.

Heat mapping data

The heat mapping feature displayed in the software makes it very easy and intuitive to understand the data and work to improve the efficiency of your swing. This data can provide critical insights towards improving your swing performance. It can also be used in real-time as a biofeedback tool to do drills and work on your set-up and swing. 

Pressure Distribution

Pressure distribution is the breakdown of how your pressures are distributed across your feet when you take a golf swing. All golfers are different in terms of how they interact with the ground. Dialing in the correct pressure distributions for your individual swing can allow you to optimize your interaction with the ground and produce improved impact conditions more often. For example, by analyzing the heat mapping in your toes or heels, the balance plate can easily identify when you are not in balance at set-up, potentially creating some inefficient strikes and speed leaks.

Dominant Leg Testing 

You can use the balance plate to conduct screening tests, such as a Leg Dominance test. These tests give you better direction in terms of which pressure distribution is best for your body as well as identifying unique movement patterns. 

You can learn how to dial in an appropriate pressure shift for your golf swing by doing drills such as these Pressure Shift drills. You can also use the pressure data live as a biofeedback tool to help you to understand how to separate pressure movement from mass movement, a key to creating speed in some players. 

Center of Pressure

The balance plate allows golfers to pinpoint the precise location of their Center of Pressure (CoP) during a swing. Understanding where the CoP is located at all times during the swing and how it is moving can be a game-changer for golfers seeking to optimize their movements.

Vertical Force 

The pressure plate also calculates the vertical force applied to the ground during your swing. The magnitude and timing of this force are crucial for maximizing clubhead speed, which directly impacts ball speed and overall performance. 

Pressure data allows you to visualize success and achieve optimal patterns so that there is less trial and error involved. It is also easy to return to these optimal patterns when things go awry. The use of a pressure plate makes it easy for golfers and coaches to work with the data and make informed, evidence-based decisions to create a more powerful and effective golf swing.