Swing Catalyst Lynx (GigE)

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Please note that the camera requires a POE Network card to be installed on a desktop computer to run.
1-2 cameras will require a 2 port network card
3-4 cameras will require a 4 port network card

Swing Catalyst LYNX GigE


  • 320 FPS
  • Sensor type CMOS, global shutter
  • Sensor model Sony® IMX273
  • Sensor size 1/2.9"
  • Resolution 720 × 540
  • 2.8-10 mm varifocal lens
  • incl. 7ft & 14ft cable

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Please take a look at our camera information page to learn more about what camera you should choose.

We recommend CAT 5. CAT 6 and CAT 7 cables with this camera.

If you have a laptop, please consider our USB cameras.


320 FPS
720x540 pixels
Camera recommended distance is from 7ft to 20ft measured from the camera lens to hands of the player.