Orlando (PGA Show), Florida

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January 25th, limited seats


- Swing Catalyst Level 2 Certification
PGA Professionals will earn 8 PGA Education credits (PGA of America)
- Swing Catalyst hat


Hosts: Dr. Scott Lynn
Special Guests: Bobby Clampett, Dr. Will Wu
Date: Friday, January 25th
Time: 9am to 1pm
Location: Meeting room W224H, Orange County Convention Centre

Swing Catalyst Research Director, Dr. Scott Lynn and special guests Bobby Clampett and Dr. Will Wu will host this Level 2 seminar.

The Swing Catalyst Level 2 Certification is a one day seminar that further expands on the biomechanics of golf that was introduced in Level 1. During the seminar students will learn how the Swing Catalyst 3D Motion Plate can help visualize the invisible forces that are required to produce powerful and efficient golf swings. Dr. Lynn will explain the connection between the COP traces provided by the Balance Plate and the 3D ground reaction forces (GRFs) measured by the 3D Motion Plate, and also present some preliminary results of the exciting research he is working on that is investigating how to optimize COP traces and ground reaction forces to produce improved impact conditions for each and every golfer.

Watch video: www.swingcatalyst.com/learning-center/certification

PS Attendees will have to pass the online (free) Level 1 certification test before they attend this seminar.

Bobby Clampett
A PGA Tour Life Member and popular television golf broadcaster, Bobby Clampett is just as well-known within golf’s inner circles as both an avid student of the game and an exceptional teacher, as well.

Clampett established his golf resume as a champion competitor, winning at the amateur, collegiate and tour professional levels. However, Clampett believes his true contribution to the game will be through golf instruction, and retired from the PGA Champion’s Tour in 2014 to focus on Impact Zone Golf. With his “The Impact Zone® Training System,” Clampett challenges the widely accepted theory of golf instruction that is too concerned with a golfer’s swing style, while overlooking its results and effectiveness.  Impact-Based ®  instruction puts the emphasis where it should be, Clampett professes: on creating better impact to produce consistently good shots and lower scores.  

In 2013, Bobby became the first PGA Tour winner in history to earn the PGA’s
highest instructor level, PGA Master Professional of Teaching and Coaching.  

Dr. Will Wu
With a PhD in Motor Control & Learning, Dr. Will Wu’s primary focus is to enhance the process in which people learn sport skills. He has worked with a variety of top 100 golf instructors helping them institute evidence-based skill acquisition strategies.

Dr. Wu also designs evidence-based practice programs for amateur, collegiate, and professional golfers. His experience working with athletes is vast as he was the principal Motor Learning Scientist for USATF, is the Director of the Center for Sport Training and Research (STAR) at Long Beach State University, and is the Motor Learning and Sport Psychology Section Editor for the International Journal of Golf Science.