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Languages: English, French

Guillaume is the Director of High Performance for Altus Performance and a Swing Catalyst Level 2 certified coach who has been coaching and teaching for almost 20 years from beginner level to European Tour Professional. 
His teaching philosophy is to show and educate clients on what they do with the evidence brought by technology. His priority is to learn what the player's body is able to do and not do and work with that. He is a no-method teacher; "it is not how it looks, but how it works". Everybody is different and everyone has to swing differently. Skill development is a big part of this teaching.

He is using Swing Catalyst in EVERY lesson to show players what they are doing. The goal is to help the players to close the gap between what they feel, what they do, and what we want them to do.
Feedback is key and that's why Guillaume is using a lot of training aids to guide the player on form/technique evolution and permanent changes.

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