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Orlando, Florida (USA)

Thursday, January 25, limited seats

- Swing Catalyst Level 2 Certification

- PGA Professionals will earn 8 PGA Education credits (PGA of America)
- Swing Catalyst hat
- Lunch

Hosts: Dr. Scott Lynn, Liam Mucklow, Ben Shear and Mike Adams.

Date: Thursday January 25, 2018 Time: 12 to 6pm

Location: Orange County Convention Center (Room W224H), Orlando, Florida

The Swing Catalyst Level 2 Certification is a one day seminar hosted by Dr. Scott Lynn that further expands on the biomechanics of golf that was introduced in Level 1. During the seminar students will learn how the Swing Catalyst 3D Motion Plate can help visualize the invisible forces that are required to produce powerful and efficient golf swings. Dr. Lynn will explain the connection between the COP traces provided by the Balance Plate and the 3D ground reaction forces (GRFs) measured by the 3D Motion Plate, and also present some preliminary results of the exciting research he is working on that is investigating how to optimize COP traces and ground reaction forces to produce improved impact conditions for each and every golfer.

Guest speakers are Ben Shear and Liam Mucklow.

Ben Shear is owner and Director of Performance at Athletic Edge and BenShearGolf in Scotch Plains NJ, as well as the Fitness Advisor for GOLF DIGEST Magazine, and Co-Host of "Golfers Edge" on SiriusXM PGA TOUR Radio. Shear also travels part of the PGA season, providing Strength and Conditioning, Biomechanics, and Performance Nutrition expertise to touring professionals. He has worked with over 20 PGA Tour Players, and trained athletes from the NHL, NFL, NBA, MLS and Olympics. 

In this presentation, Ben will discuss how to use the Swing Catalyst 3d Motion Plate to understand ground forces and decide whether your golfer should be a natural Resister (having a restricted pelvis in the backswing) or a natural Releaser (having an unrestricted pelvis in the backswing) so that they can create maximal power and speed. Then, Shear will demonstrate how to use the data to not only see where more force is needed, but also to know where and how to create it from within the body itself. This information will be invaluable to the Golf Professional with its teaching implications and to the trainer and client as it relates to strategic and effective training in the gym.

Liam Mucklow is regarded as one of the leaders in applied golf education. He spent nearly a decade with the World Long Drive Tour, California Mini Tours and various Professional Tours in Asia before he founded The Golf Lab in 2009. The Golf Lab encompasses onsite coaching, physical, medical and equipment services and it has solidified its reputation as one of Canada’s Premier golf performance centers. More recently Liam has refocused his energy on Education and Research. He has been working with the PGA of Canada to provide the highest level Golf Coaches in Canada with support on analyzing performance with technology. Liam also helped the Titleist Performance Institute launch its worldwide Power Coach Certification program in May of 2013. This year he had a podium presentation at the World Scientific Congress of Golf in Australia, and the World Golf Fitness Summit in California.

In his presentation, Liam will provide an example of using the 3D Motion Plate to optimize ground reaction forces in a student who requires more torque in their swing.  He will show the results of testing three different interventions on resultant torque measured by the 3D Motion Plate and how this corresponded to changes in 3D movement patterns and club delivery/launch monitor numbers. During his presentation, Liam will explain how to structure a testing protocol using the kinetic information measured by the Swing Catalyst 3D Motion Plate to have the maximum positive affect on the movements of the body and the club. This seminar will provide you with a detailed understanding of how to build structured testing protocols to optimize the use of Swing Catalyst technology along with your other sources of information into your teaching.


The presentations will be followed by the Level 2 Certification test (30 mins) and live sessions by Dr. Scott Lynn and Mike Adams (2 hours).

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PS Attendees will have to pass the online (free) Level 1 certification test before they attend this seminar.


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